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    apple booty

    Mindy grew up ashamed of her thick white ass. All the others would laugh and make fun of her. None of the boys wanted her, they all wanted the skinny girls with flat buns! But now who’s laughing? Now, her big apple booty is famous and gets more action than a toilet seat!


    Posted: 10:15, 2007-Dec-7
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    2 Hot interracial babes fuck one lucky brutha!

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    Black Dicks Latin Chicks - Vivianna and Lorena love black cock so bad, they did this scene just for the fun of it! Hell, they probably would’ve paid me! I wanted to bring these girls back to the USA, but immigration told me they had to stay. Oh well, I got plenty more where these came from! You’re going to love this interracial porn scene! Read the latest Adult Site Review


    Posted: 15:06, 2007-Dec-6
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    Flower has a juicy white ass and she likes it hard!

    apple booty

    Phat Booty Cheerleaders - This cute little college cum guzzler was kicked off her cheerleading squad for fucking too many of the players. She answered our cheerleaders wanted ad and before we could even try and get into her little phat booty panties, she offered to suck and fuck us all. We gladly accepted and have the video to prove it! Read the latest Adult Site Review


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    Black Mother Fuckers
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    interracial milf

    Sadie had a problem with her sink. Apparenlty it was clogged so she called the local plumber. We definatly could not hesitate to pay this interracial milf a visit. You know how we do it so she happily agreed to pay her bill with her body. Which was no problem. Sadie started sucking big black cock as soon as she could. Watch her ride cock in the house then ask him to fuck her outside. She was very comfortable outside Sadie let us bang the shit out of her. Taking big black dick real deep inside while in doggystyle position. Makes you wonder how often she really does this. Watch out guys these white interracial mothers are very horny and we will be there to make sure that we fill that void. Another happy momma!


    Posted: 10:25, 2007-Dec-4
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    Interracial sex fest - hosted by two platinum blonde hotties!

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    interracial amateurs

    Two hot platinum blonde interracial bombshells get their rocks off with one lucky brutha in this interracial sex fest gallery.


    Posted: 12:53, 2007-Nov-30
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    Blind date ends in a huge black cock for Tuesday

    Tuesday didn't know what to expect when her friends set her up on a blind date with Taylor. All she knew was that he was good looking and someone that her friends thought would be PERFECT for her. Needless to say, Tuesday was a little nervous when Taylor called. His deep voice was making her knees tremble with anticipation, but it was the way he asked her to come over before the movie that really had her on edge.

    When Tuesday arrived, Taylor was everything she ever wanted. Her friends were right. Tall and handsome and black. There was nothing that Tuesday liked better than a big black cock in her pink white pussy. The air was electric with sexual tension as Taylor grabbed her and started to rub against her body, stopping to pull up her shirt and start to feel her breasts. All natural and huge white tits were exactly what Taylor was looking for.

    But he liked to keep things a little exciting, so out came his favorite white blindfold. "Do you like to play games?" he asked, knowing that she was going to say yes. Tuesday nodded as he tied the blindfold over her eyes and unzipped his pants. She hungrily bent over at his urging, plunging his massive black dick into her mouth, as though she has sucked it hundreds of times before.

    When Taylor couldn't take any more, he turned her around and started thrusting into her from behind. Watching her firm white ass was so hot and Taylor couldn't get enough. As Tuesday moaned in pleasure, she couldn't help but think, "This is the best blind date ever."

    Sweating and exhausted, they dropped onto the couch. They never made it to the movie, but the cumming attractions were certainly worth it.


    Posted: 08:40, 2007-Nov-29
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    This white bitch really gets into the interracial scene!

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    phat white booty - Raven haired interracial amateur slut gets poked in every hole by this well hung black guy in this hot interracial sex gallery! Read the latest Adult Site Review


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    Hot blonde skank gets her ass reamed interracial anal style while she sucks on another brutha’s toes!


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    phat booty cheerleaders - This interracial teen cheerleader loves to have her white pussy stuffed by big black cock! Read the latest Adult Site Review


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    Georgia Gorges on Black Dick.

    All of Georgia's boyfriends had always told her that she gave the best head they had ever gotten. She loved to suck a guy's cock until his eyes rolled back in his head and he covered her lips and tongue with their stick goodness. But Georgia had only ever blown white guys. She was very surprised when she first blew a black man.

    Georgia's new boyfriend was a tall, well-built black guy with an enormous cock. Georgia was such a tiny girl she was a little scared to take on this new, huge cock. But one night, after several cocktails and a lot of persuading, Georgia got on her knees and opened her pink mouth.

    Her boyfriend stuck his enormous black prick between Georgia's pink lips and she gasped at the size. But as she began to bob her head up and down over his huge throbbing shaft, Georgia started to really enjoy having his cock make her open her mouth wider and wider, and she began to deep-throat his prick. But she wanted more: she wanted to feel that gigantic rod buried between her other pink lips.

    Georgia pulled her skirt up and revealed her naked pink pussy. Her boyfriend took the opportunity to roll Georgia over on her hands and knees and take her from behind. Georgia screamed when he entered her; he pushed into her cunt and slowly thrust deeper and deeper, stretching that snatch wider than Georgia thought it could go. As he thrust faster, Georgia felt the head of the black dick hit her spot, and she came all over his cock, covering the black prick with her white cream.

    When he was ready, her boyfriend pulled his cock out of Georgia's pussy and drove it into her asshole. She screamed again, but immediately came with the final thrust as he ejected his hot load of white cum from his black cock deep in her white ass


    Posted: 14:27, 2007-Nov-22
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    Jesssica Lynn's Salad Gets a Toss

    We rented this great house to do our shoot with Jessica and to say it was a perfect fit would be and understatement. Her body and that super round ass of hers was even more magnificent than the house. Jessica was walking up this staircase in a short jean skirt and skimpy pink t back panties when I just stuck my face right between her cheeks and started licking and slapping that awesome backside. I got in front of her and slide off her panties to lick her pink pussy with my pierced tongue. I thought Jessica was going to cum in my face right there. She went down and sucked my big hard cock for a while before we somehow made it upstairs to a bedroom where I just pounded away at her dripping wet slit. Fucking her doggie was the best with that luscious ass right there for me to grab as I drilled her hardcore. I had Jessica's legs straight up in the air when I pulled out and creamed her butt with my load. Now that was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-21
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    Hardcore interracial sex fest, 3-way style!

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    black dicks latin chicks - 2 hot teen chicks suck one lucky brutha’s cock in this interracial teen sex scene! Read the latest Adult Site Review


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    Hot interracial sex scene with young brutha and blonde MILF

    black mother fuckers

    black mother fuckers - Big breasted white interracial MILF gets hammered by a dark chocolate brutha! Read the latest Adult Site Review


    Posted: 10:33, 2007-Nov-19
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    Isis Devours Black Cock

    Sissy is a good girl who has a dirty little secret. Sissy likes to go out to the club and pick up strange men, take them home, and let them fuck her tender, young pussy until she cums all over their huge throbbing cocks. But the biggest part of Sissy's secret isn't that she loves to fuck strange men: Sissy only lets black men fuck her little white pussy.

    Sissy found a particularly hot black guy at a club one night and brought him back to her apartment. As soon as they got there, Sissy started doing an erotic strip tease, removing her top and letting her new man squeeze her little white titties. Then she opened her jeans and pulled them down to show him not only that her little white cunt was bare under the denim but that it was completely shaved, too. Her man wanted to fuck her cunt right away, but Sissy insisted that she taste his cock first.

    Taking his huge black rod in her hand, Sissy wrapped her pink lips around the head and massaged the tip with her tongue. She started sliding her mouth up and down the huge black member, taking her man's entire prick into her throat. As she slobbered all over his cock, she knew what she needed next: that big black prick buried deep in her pink pussy.

    Sissy lay down on the couch and threw her legs over her head. She parted her pussy lips with her fingers and stroked her little clit while her big black stallion mounted her and drove his throbbing rod deep between her pink lips. His thrusting girth opened her cunt wider than it had ever been before and soon Sissy was coming all over that fat black cock. Her tightening cunt made his cock pulse, and he quickly pulled out and shot his creamy jizz all over Sissy's pretty white face.


    Posted: 01:08, 2007-Nov-15
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    Megan Reese's Thick Ass Gets a Good Spanking

    It was hard not to notice the tight jean shorts Megan was wearing covering her big round ass. It was truly amazing she even got into these shorts because they were almost like a second skin on her. Megan slowly pulled those shorts down over her butt and she had me sold since I was going to get up close and personal with her backside shortly. When I finally walked onto the set, all I could really focus on was Megan's long blonde hair just hanging down and her awesome ass jacked up in the air while she was bent over. Megan pulled her panties to the side and started fingering herself. That was all the cue I needed as I came from behind her and pulled her panties all the way off. My cock was ready for action as I peeled off my clothes and began slamming Megan's pussy from behind while spanking her round cheeks. She was wild and after a few minutes of that action I buried my face right between those cheeks, licking her ass and wet snatch. She sucked me for a while before we cracked it up with some more hardcore fucking. I had Megan sideways when I felt ready to explode. Megan just stuck her booty in the air as I glazed it completely with my load. I guess I had some amazing stuff of my own.

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    Lorena Likes Black Cock

    Lorena loves to get fucked, but she won't fuck just anyone. Lorena only likes to fuck big, built, black guys. She loves the way their huge black cocks look penetrating her tight white pussy, and she loves getting down and dirty with a big black man as he takes advantage of her tiny white ass. Lorena really likes black cock!

    Lorena was approached by a tall black guy at the mall and she thought he was very cute. She looked him over and could tell he had a huge cock and he wanted to fuck her, so she asked him if he wanted to come over for a little interracial fuck fest. Of course he agreed, and within minutes of getting to Lorena's apartment, Lorena was pulling down his pants.

    She took his huge black member between her pink lips and ran her mouth all over his hard dick. Licking and sucking his huge cock was terrific; she couldn't believe how big and hard he was. But Lorena needed his cock to fuck her little pink pussy, so she pulled her skirt up and showed him her white twat. She begged him to fuck her as hard as he could, and he obliged.

    Pulling her little thong panties down, Lorena's big black stud grabbed her hips and stuck his cock into her little pussy hole. His huge member stretched her wide, making her moan in pain and pleasure. She begged to get pounded hard, so her man shoved his huge black dick in as deep as he could go, then began to thrust as fast as he could. Lorena loved his hard cock thrusting into her pussy and hitting her special spot; she came all over her man's huge black dick, letting all the pussy juices in her cunt spill out over his black cock and balls and down her white creamy thighs.


    Posted: 07:46, 2007-Nov-8
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    Shake it but dont Break it Cody Lane

    Jimmy asked me to come over to do a scene for him with a hot young brunette and when I walked in, all I could see was this luscious ass with lacey red panties jiggling back and forth. It sure looked like I would be staying for this one. This chick Cody said her juicy booty was a gift and I would be the first one to agree. She definitely had a freaky side to her and that got me even more excited. When I walked over to her, I just dropped my pants and Cody was right down on her knees sucking my dick like the tramp I knew she was. She jumped right on top of my hard cock and started riding like she hadn't been fucked in ages. I pounded that nice shaved pussy all over the couch, on the floor, standing up and wherever I wanted. I had her big backside bent over when I was slamming her doggie style when I erupted and glazed her cheeks with my cum. Things happen when you shake a nice ass in my face.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-7
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    Lexi Bends Over For Black Cock

    Lexi loves black men. She will only fuck a black guy because she just loves the way they can fill her up with their huge hard pricks. Lexi has had sex with many different black men, but the one who she will always remember was not a boyfriend or even an acquaintance. He was a porn star that she met while shooting an amateur porn movie.

    She thought he was incredibly handsome, and when he took off his pants and showed her his enormous cock, she thought her was even hotter. Just the sight of that huge, hard black rod was more than enough for Lexi to strip off her own clothes, revealing her little white tits and her pink pussy lips. She wanted that black cock buried deep in her cunt, so she was sure to spread her long, thin thighs wide for her partner to show off the perfect white twat he was going to get to fuck.

    After he got a glimpse of Lexi's tight hole, he wanted to fuck her, but knew he should feel her mouth first. Lexi obliged by getting on her knees in front of him and taking his whole dick between her pink lips. She sucked his rod, letting her tongue massaged his shaft as she slid up and down on his prick. Finally, when he knew he couldn't hold on anymore, he pulled Lexi's mouth away from his prick and bent her over on the couch.

    With her ass in the air, Lexi spread her lass cheeks open so the camera could get a good look as her partner's huge black dick penetrated her tight little white pussy. As her partner went deeper and deeper into her snatch, Lexi groaned and opened herself further, letting him in just a little more. Soon he was pounding her hard, hitting her special spot with every thrust until Lexi's pussy flooded her thighs with her orgasm juices. Lexi's partner pulled his cock from Lexi's twat and stroked himself until her sprayed his white load of cum all over Lexi's white face.



    Posted: 12:47, 2007-Oct-4
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    Bubble Butts Galore Episode 57

    Bubble Butts Galore Episode 57
    19 year old Kiara Marie couldn't wait to shake her booty for us. Once her fantabulous behind busted outa her panties and onto some cock we could see why. Cum watch her jiggle her ass while we pound her pussy again and again just for you!


    Posted: 23:00, 2007-Mar-11
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    Bubble Butts Galore Episode 56

    Bubble Butts Galore Episode 56
    Alexia came here to us to show off her sizzling Canadian bacon rump. Soon we were all heated up and ready to go. So we fed her some pork steak then stuffed both her holes. Cum on by and watch the Canadian Style pork fest!


    Posted: 23:00, 2007-Feb-27
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